How does Portable Air Conditioning Rental work?

Our portable Spot Coolers are easy to install and operate. All AC units have a hot exhaust hose that must be hooked up to a window. All units do include an 8 ft hose and a window kit for easy installation. All units will cool the area according to the heat load of the space and will adapt accordingly depending on size (sqft). In most room conditions, the AC will evaporate any excess water in the unit, so there’s no need to drain it.

Do we offer one day rentals?

Yes, we have daily and weekly rentals available for your convenience.

Do we deliver Units to your home/work?

Yes, we offer complete delivery and installation for no additional cost; The Rental fee includes installation up to 8 feet from a window and/or AC outlet. As soon as you no longer need the unit we will pick it up at no extra charge.

Do we offer in store pick up?

Unfortunately, In store pick up is not available at this time.

Can I get a Refund or Exchange?

No refunds will be issued for AC Units rentals. In case of a unit malfunctioning, we will provide service or exchange for a new unit at no extra charge.

What is the Voltage required to operate our AC Units?

All the units we offer will operate on regular household voltage of 110 Volts. We only recommend one unit per circuit breaker for better functioning. In case an extension cord is needed, only heavy-duty extension cords should be used.

How do I know which unit is suitable for my space?

We will provide guidance from a technical expert at no extra charge to better assist you on choosing the best unit for your required space or activity.

How do I place an order and pay for my AC portable Rental?

You can place your order in our website and make a payment using our secure portal and payment options. We take all major credit and debit cards. Cash payments are not accepted at this time.

Can I add more rental time to my existing order?

Once you have placed an order and have the unit delivered and running you can contact us if you want to extend the rental period and our customer support will place a new order without shipping costs to fulfill the new date requirements you provide us.
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